Zero Velvet Tint – 11 Colors


  • A velvety lip tint in a range of most-requested, MLBB colors that feel weightless on the lips.
    • A lightweight and velvety lip tint that suits both warm and cool skin tones
    • All the colors blend well with each other and can create multiple lip makeup looks
    • Glides on glides on smoothly and creates a blurring effect on lips that lasts all day


How to Use:

    1. Apply from the inner parts of the lips using the tip.
    1. Fill in the desired areas of the lips.
    1. Blend the edges of the lips.


Colors Available:

  • #01 Melting
  • #02 Joyful
  • #03 Persi Red
  • #04 Burnt Heart
  • #05 Witty
  • #06 Deep Soul
  • #07 Fizz
  • #08 Icy
  • #09 Polar
  • #10 Fever
  • #11 Flare


Size :  5.5g




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